A sleepover themed zine focused on anime & manga from the 90s!The project will feature both SFW and NSFW zines, and will have several merch items, both physical and digital, to choose from!


Interest CheckFeb 1stFeb 25th
Contributor ApplicationsMar 15thMay 1st
Acceptance LettersMay 5thMay 10th
Pitch SubmissionsMay 15thMay 20th
AssignmentsMay 25th 
1st Check-inJun 25thJun 30th
2nd Check-inJul 31stAug 5th
3rd Check-inSep 5thSep 10th
Finals Works DueOct 10thOct 15th
Final EditsOct 25th 
Pre-ordersNov 15thDec 15th


Who's running this zine?
Birdie is the head mod, they have years of experience running fan events and have just wrapped up shipping for the Naruto Cookbook, a zine for which they were the solo mod. You can view the full mod team here!
Who's allowed to apply?
Anyone 18+! No previous zine experience is required. We will not be policing the content people create on their own time. If we learn that an applicant or contributor has been harassing, doxxing, or threatening other fans, they will be removed from the project.
Will the zine be SFW or NSFW? Physical or digital? Will there be merch?
This project will feature both a SFW and a NSFW zine, and there will be several merch items, both digital and physical, to choose from!
Can I apply for multiple roles?
Absolutely! However, being accepted for one is not a guarantee that you will be accepted for every role to which you applied. If we end up with a very high number of applicants, there will be a cap of one approved role per person.
Is this zine charity/paid/p4p?
This zine is p4p! That means that the zine will be sold at the cost of production. In all likelihood, there will be no profit, and if there is, it will be donated to a charity voted on by the contributors.
What do I get for contributing?
Contributors will receive a full digital bundle of all zines and merch, and, sales permitting, a full physical bundle as well, free of charge!


Which franchises will be included in this zine?
While we cannot tell you which franchises will be featured until our contributors have made their pitches, you're welcome to take a look at the list of approved and pending fandoms they're allowed to choose from! Any 90s anime or manga that released a chapter, episode, or OVA during the 90s is eligible, even if it's not on the list.
What about manga that started in the 90s, but didn't get an anime adaption until the 00s?
As long as a series was active in the 90s in some form, it's eligible!
What if the big name animes dominate the fanworks?
We'll be asking for rough pitches on the contributor applications to make sure we have a fairly balanced variety of fanworks.
Will there be any content restrictions?
This zine will not allow AI generated works, OCs, SIs, A/B/O, or explicit works featuring characters who have not yet reached 18 in the fanwork itself. Aging up canon characters is fine. This zine is anti-censorship.
Will the fanworks have to follow a particular theme?
We ask that everyone's fanworks simply follow the theme of 'sleepover'. Whether you want to set your work in the canon universe, a 90s AU, a modern AU, etc. will be up to you! Note that we will allow some flexibility for fandoms where 'sleepover' isn't an easy theme to work with. For example, scenarios where characters are camping out together, sharing a hotel room, or taking shelter.
What types of fanwork & merch will be included?
In the zine, we plan to feature illustrations, comics, fics, articles, playlists, recipes and some fun activities. As for merch, we'll have prints, stickers, pins, and charms, plus a few more uniquely 90s merch items we plan to keep a surprise until we get closer to pre-orders!
Does merchandise also have to be fanwork?
Nope! If you have a generally 90s/sleepover themed merch idea, go ahead and apply!
What's the spooky story mini zine about?
The spooky story mini zine will be done in a very basic, "old fashioned" way, with printed pages assembled by the mods. Thematically, we just want to focus on spooky stories you might tell friends at a sleepover or around a campfire! Think urban legends, creepypasta, goosebumps, etc.
What types of activities are you looking for?
Feel free to get creative, but a few of the first things that come to mind are quizzes, party games, paper dolls, colouring pages, and crafting guides!
What types of recipes are you looking for?
Anything, really! We only ask that you don't get too complex, as it should fit the theme of something fun to make with friends/family for a night in. Drinks, baking, cooking, you can even get extra creative and do something in the vein of skincare or slime!

If your question has not been answered, please feel free to send a message via our retrospring or any of our social media!

Approved Series

The only qualifier for approval was that a series had at least one OVA, anime, or manga active in the 90s.This list is not exhaustive, if there's an anime or manga that you know was airing or publishing in the 90s, you're welcome to pitch it, regardless of whether or not it's on the list!

90s Studio Ghibli Films
Ah! My Goddess
Akazukin Chacha
Black Jack
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
Card Captor Sakura
Cowboy Bebop
Detective Conan
Dirty Pair
Dragon Ball Z
Elemental Gelade
Fruits Basket
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fushigi Yuugi
Ghost in the Shell

Gunslinger Girl
Hana Yori Dango
Hunter X Hunter
Initial D
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Keroro Gunsho
Key the Metal Idol
Legend of the Escaflowne
Love Hina
Magic Knight Rayearth
Mermaid Melody
Naruto (90s only)
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Ojamajo Doremi
One Piece (90s only)
Oniisama e...

Ouran Host Club
Perfect Blue
Princess Tutu
Ranma 1/2
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Ronin Warriors
Rurouni Kenshin
Sailor Moon
Saint Seiya
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star
Serial Experiments Lain
Shaman King
Tenchi Muyo
Yu Yu Hakusho


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